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Academy Certified Mediums

Those students listed below have successfully completed Aerin Kube's Advanced Mediumship plus all course work and field training necessary to meet the requirements of becoming a Certifed Medium through Aerin Kube. 

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TINA PANTELI - I have been hearing spirits since childhood. As a professional psychic tarot reader and medium, I pick up on your energy and how you are feeling, with the help of my guides. I have learned to master how to read energy using my clairs. In addition, I can provide you with evidential proof to confirm that your loved ones are present. I have trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London under medium Gordon Smith, Lisa Williams, Suzanne Guisemann, Aerin Kube, and Tony Stockwell. I aim to help people heal from losing their loved ones and guide them to live a fuller, more productive life.



K.D. FOREMAN - Kd began to have strong Déjà vu experiences at age 10. By the time she was 12, she had noticed abstract but prophetic dreams coming true about loved ones. As a teenager, she babysat for years in a haunted home, which opened her eyes to loved ones and the afterlife. Her strongest impressions come through clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience: Seeing, knowing, and feeling. She has been reading for decades and has been advancing her insight for the past few years.



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IRENE ACHELOIS - She is a scientist with over twenty years of experience. She applies her analytical background to the exploration and investigation of the paranormal and spirit guidance.
She uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities to share messages of
love, guidance, and healing from beyond the veil. To schedule a reading please visit my website.


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