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Need Course Advertisement?

We are seeking to help promote independent virtual instructors with courses for topics surrounding metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality, and the paranormal that will complement our current offerings.

Are you knowledgeable, professional, love to teach and have a great course or seminar topic? If so, we want to talk to you! 

Classmates in the Library

Prospective Instructor Information

1.   You must be 18 years of age.

2.   Have a passion for your subject and a desire to share your expertise. Credentials not necessary.

3.   Have excellent presentation and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. 

4.   Have internet and the ability to use the Zoom program or another program similar to virtually teach live and interact.

5.   Class times, dates, and pricing are set by you.  Ideally, classes meet for no more than six to eight weeks at a time.

6.   1 -2 Day seminar classes are accepted.

7.   Topics and content are designed by you.

8.   You are responsible for all content, classes. 

9.   We do not make any claims on our classes or intellectual property.

10. We limit and seek classes that are not in direct competition but complement our current course offerings.



Fill out the "Course Proposal"  - link below

We will review your course and let you know whether we believe your course

will be a complement to the Academy.

Independent Instructor Registration and Class Proposal Form

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Thank you for your interest in helping us grow an online education community.

We are actively seeking to provide enriching class offerings to better serve the wants and needs of the spiritual community.




Welcome and thank you for expressing interest in learning more about us to see if this might be the right educational platform for you to expand your current outreach to this evolving spiritual community of eager and like-minded lightworkers. 

Our focus is to provide an elevated on-line educational pathway, that drives traffic directly to a singular, cohesive, professional and easily accessible spiritual platform. A platform that offers a future student body the opportunity to receive a variety of course options that will engage them and get them excited to learn more. 


We want to offer a broad scope of course work in spiritual and metaphysical principles. The more variety the better, as long as the topics are uplifting and have the proper educational format, with content that is enriching. 


We are seeking creative, entertaining, and enlightened educators, who ideally already have a passion for teaching in some form. Instructors who are motivated in their outreach efforts with the understanding of the value of an online teacher being consistent, available, personable but professional. Reaching out to the students to help lift them up in their spiritual walks. Providing rich content-based learning and face-time accessibility to yourself and their peers. We want students to feel plugged in and able to recharge their spirits in a fun and memorable way.  


You will be independent and therefore able to manage the dates, times, pricing, etc. and register your own students, that we are channeling directly to your classes from our site, social media platforms and outside advertising. 


We do not hire teachers, and are not employers. We are providing you a place to professionally post and advertise with other professional educators. We do request topic proposals to ensure it's fresh, spiritually related, positive and that it complements our current course offerings without being in competition with any current classes, including other independent instructors.  There will be a charge of $25 per month associated with posting your course, plus a one time fee of $15 to create your course's advertisement to be placed upon our page. 

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