Spiritual Development Resources

Psychic / Spiritual Development Books 

Here is a list of some great ones, but you need to go where you feel pulled.


  • Book of Spirit Communications

  • Mediumship Made Super Simple

  • Discovering Your Psychic Type

  • Spirit Releasement Therapy

  • The Four Agreements -A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

  • Your Psychic Potential - A Guide to Psychic Development

  • Expand Your Psychic Skills

  • Animal-Speak - The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

  • Your Psychic Potential

  • You Are Psychic

  • Extraordinary Psychic

  • Hello From Heaven

  • Psychic Shield: Personal Handbook

  • Many Lives Many Masters

  • On Death and Dying

  • You Can Heal Your Life

  • Encyclopedia of Spirit

  • Psychic Made Super Simple

  • Dispelling Darkness: Psychic Medium's Mythical Tale of Awakening

  • Intuition on Demand

  • Mediumship Mastery

  • The Evidential Medium

Intuitive Exercises For Psychic Development
Click on the image for the answer once you used your psychic clairs to find the image that was selected.