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Spiritual Development Resources

Zener Card Website For Psychic Development

Psychic / Spiritual Development Books 

Here is a list of some great ones, but you need to go where you feel pulled.


  • Book of Spirit Communications

  • Mediumship Made Super Simple

  • Discovering Your Psychic Type

  • Spirit Releasement Therapy

  • The Four Agreements -A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

  • Your Psychic Potential - A Guide to Psychic Development

  • Expand Your Psychic Skills

  • Animal-Speak - The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

  • Your Psychic Potential

  • You Are Psychic

  • Extraordinary Psychic

  • Hello From Heaven

  • Psychic Shield: Personal Handbook

  • Many Lives Many Masters

  • On Death and Dying

  • You Can Heal Your Life

  • Encyclopedia of Spirit

  • Psychic Made Super Simple

  • Dispelling Darkness: Psychic Medium's Mythical Tale of Awakening

  • Intuition on Demand

  • Mediumship Mastery

  • The Evidential Medium

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Go To My YouTube And See Some Spiritual Videos
I did remove quite a few, but the Third Eye Review is on there with some discussions on spiritual topics. 

Intuitive Exercises For Psychic Development
Click on the image for the answer once you used your psychic clairs to find the image that was selected.

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