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Events do get added. Check back regularly and see the calendar below. 

Here are some older videos from when I was hosting that can help you see the zoom circles. 


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What Is It?

Mediums have been practicing in circles (development groups) for ages. This is a great way for mediums of all levels to work on their ability to better sit and receive from Spirit. We will meet online over zoom as if we were local meeting face to face. In short, you will work to increase your power and read. Practice and patience are key.

Will You Teach Me?

I will help to guide during your reading when necessary or requested, but you are in charge of your development. Ultimately, we grow by showing regularly and practicing. We will sit in the power to help raise our vibration at the beginning of every session.

What If I Have Never Done Mediumship?

I believe that anyone can learn how to do mediumship. We can all learn to recognize Spirit. Some people have an easier time doing so, but there will always be a need to work on your ability.

What If I Can't Do It?

First of all, don't tell yourself that. You set yourself up so keep positive. You won't know until you try and even then, it takes time and patience. I know people that worked at it for years and years. If you work on development, it can happen. I have witnessed it with my students. It's so exciting to see that first time they think they can't and suddenly they are floored when it happens and they start to receive.

Should I Take Your Classes First?

That's entirely up to you, but I will tell you, that I do care greatly for my students and want them to succeed. You can also ask me for names of those that I recommend. Besides me, there are many great spiritual teachers out there. You may want to go to different ones to learn something from everyone. I know I did because not everyone has all the answers. This is not science. We are all true students of the universe.

Is There Anything Important I Should Know?

1. It is imperative to show up on time as the doors will lock ten minutes after the start. 2.. Please, no drinking of alcohol or taking part in any substances that is mind altering. 3.. Be respectful and kind or you will be asked to leave and taken out of the zoom. 4.. If you have any questions, contact me at