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“I tried a few other teachers before I began with Aerin. When I started with her, everything opened up. I received much more information from spirit and I am suprised how much I have progressed. I went from getting random bits of information to being able to hold a link for up to 30 minutes. She doesn’t focus on teaching you her way, but helping you figure out how you work because we are all different. I would highly recommend!”
~Matthew Swango
”Thank you so much. I learnt such a lot and your guidance and support and kindness made all the difference.”
~Heather Tyrell
“I was so fortunate to be able to take Aerin’s  12 week intermediate mentorship program. Honestly, the class was extremely challenging, fun, and hands on from day one. But what I was most impressed by was how I felt supported and safe in the environment and with the people in class with me. 
Aerin goes out of her way to make sure you are in a safe, encouraging space to learn and grow in your mediumship. She teaches you the skills you need to link with spirit and gives you all the tools and resources. Ultimately, you have to make sure you do the homework and practice. From day one to the last day I saw such growth in myself.  I am so excited I have already signed up for my next class with her.”
~Sabrina Norman
“I’ve just had so much time to think about my journey from the beginning until now and you really did push me but in a way because you believed in me and because of you I’m not afraid to do platform reading or reading on lives, I have really found a joy in platform and hope to one day do it in person, but I really owe that to you from advanced mediumship course it really pushed me
Your an amazing mentor and so happy we crossed paths I’ve learned so much from you and continue to learn from you and your passion and drive and love for spirit. “
~Erica Barretto

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, for all you have done for me the last few months.  I am so extremely grateful for your guidance during the mentorship, and even since I started classes with you back in 2021!!  I never dreamed I would be a practicing medium but here I am!!  This mentorship has been so good for me, it has really helped me build more confidence when I do my readings.  I just really wanted to say thank you.  You are always so helpful in all your classes, they are very informative and it shows that you really care about helping each and every student of yours succeed.  I pursued mediumship because I have always had a desire to help people, and being able to let people know that their loved ones are always with them is such an amazing feeling.  Thank you for doing what you do I know it takes a lot of time and dedication on your part.

- Katy Thomas, Student

I‘ve had the pleasures of beginning my psychic and mediumship development with Aerin back around the summer of 2020. At that time I was lost, confused and anxious in wanting to learn more about my psychic abilities and my spiritual path but did not know how to do so. I was also overwhelmed because there was a lot of information and teachers out there but it is important in one's development to find the teachers who are right for you. Aerin and Tina were those teachers who were right for me because they are knowledgeable, experienced, and genuine in wanting to help people like myself who are new on their journey.

- Julio Garcia, Student

I have taken two rounds of the beginner mediumship class and enjoyed them both! Aerin is so positive and supportive. I was able to link with Spirit and also did a remote viewing exercise that I was terrified of but ended up doing fine. I highly recommend Aerin! I am planning to sign up for the beginner level two class in September.

-Lisa Nicholson, Student

Aerin and Tina makes development fun. They make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and encourage us every step of the way. I am truly just beginning on this journey and I am so thankful I found them. They both help the students get out of their own way. I love being surrounded by the great energy and all of their classes and always look forward to the next one.

-Tracie Flowers, Student

Not only does Aerin Kube make it fun, she makes it safe. The whole idea is to learn, to practice, to grow, and become confident. Aerin is a very skilled teacher, medium and author. Part of her journey is to reach out. Because of her, I am where I am today. You never forget your first teacher. While you’re first starting out, reach out into many different directions and people. She will tell you that as well.

-Christine Mattingly, Student

I had attended a couple of classes plus and thought it was great! I just wish I wasn’t so distracted from my children when I attended the class.  I felt like a part of the team! Family! I would recommend...!

-Beth Butcher, Student

I have attended circle and really enjoyed it. Aerin and Tina keeps it fun and are so encouraging

-Cindy Doss, Student

I have attended several classes with Aerin. What a lively pair! I truly enjoyed both my psychic and medium ship classes. 

-Paula Smith, Student

Fun fun fun - positive uplifting and educational all in one!

-Hannah Balliet, Medium and Teacher

Thank you Aerin, I'm so grateful to you for offering these fantastic courses at affordable prices (especially in these current difficult times) and online. Living outside the US, I would have never been able to enroll in any courses (non-disrespect to people who prefer live events). You are also a great teacher and the whole energy of the class is very positive; I'm humbled to study with such a group of kind and supportive students. 

-Sophia Sandrine, Student


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