Before Your Reading

Top 10 Things to Know Before A Session 

1.  Be mentally relaxed. Meditate, deep breathing, etc, will help if you are anxious.

2.  Keep the energy flowing by participating. I will do most of the talking, but be

     prepared to talk and ask questions. Know what you want guidance on.

3.  Know the type of reading you desire. 

4.  Do not have distractions or limit them for full attention and take notes.

5.  Please avoid excessive medication, drugs and alcohol.

6.  Know that I am psychic, but I don't read minds. I work with your guides to bring   

     you what they feel is for your highest good.  I like to heal and empower people.

7.  I always maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all readings.

8.  Know that sometimes in mediumship, Spirit will bring in people you may not

     expect. Be open and ready to listen.  Please respect the Spirit world.

9.  Please be sure to read the Terms before booking.

10. Enjoy your reading. I do my best to make it a great experience.

If you have more questions, please visit the FAQ's.  You may find more help there.  If not, please feel free to email me at