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Academy Certified Spiritual Teachers & Mediums

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Those students listed below have successfully completed the Spiritual Teacher course work and field training necessary to meet the requirements of becoming a Certifed Spiritual Teacher through Aerin Kube.


KATRINA FUSCO- Katrina is a dedicated nurse, a mom to three boys (and three furry kids), a wife, and sister. From a young age, Katrina has had experiences with spirit, and her nursing career has deepened her understanding of unique messages from spirit and the feelings of the bereaved.  Her interest in mediumship began in 2012 with her first reading, and after the unexpected loss of her mother in 2015, she delved further into the field.  Helping others to understand concepts, build fundamental skills and strengthen themselves is her goal as she helps students to understand that every journey will look different.   After losing her mom she strives to help others learn and understand mediumship through grief.  In honor of her mom, Grace, she named this journey Graceful Spirits as a reminder of the love and guidance from her loved ones.




LORI SMITH- Lori is a passionate Reiki master, psychic medium, and spiritual coach who offers guidance, balance, and inner peace through her business, XenoSoul Harmonix. Starting her spiritual journey in 2016, Lori has always felt a deep connection to the spiritual world and a calling to be a healer. As she pursues her PhD in metaphysical science, she continues to expand her knowledge and expertise, providing profound insights to those she encounters. A devoted mother of four, supported by her loving husband, Lori embodies compassion, unity, and growth. Follow Lori on Facebook at XenoSoul Harmonix for updates on her journey and the launch of her website, and join her in discovering the transformative power of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.


Website:  Not Available

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Those students listed below have successfully completed the Advanced Mediumship plus all course work and field training necessary to meet the requirements of becoming a Certifed Medium through Aerin Kube.

K.D. FOREMAN - Kd began to have strong Déjà vu experiences at age 10. By the time she was 12, she had noticed abstract but prophetic dreams coming true about loved ones. As a teenager, she babysat for years in a haunted home, which opened her eyes to loved ones and the afterlife. Her strongest impressions come through clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience: Seeing, knowing, and feeling. She has been reading for decades and has been advancing her insight for the past few years.




IRENE ACHELOIS - She is a scientist with over twenty years of experience. She applies her analytical background to the exploration and investigation of the paranormal and spirit guidance.
She uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities to share messages of
love, guidance, and healing from beyond the veil. To schedule a reading please visit my website.


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