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An Online and International Resource for Developing Spiritual Awareness

Gone are the days of strictly holding online school through book, video, email and discussion forums.

Today's online learning can utilize software to hold real-time webinars and face to face classroom meetings where students and instructors can discuss topics and information related to the course studies.

Online learning has become so popular in the last decade with more college and universities utilizing the power of the internet to educate from home.  In recent years, more and more classes are holding live meetings via video conferencing. In my course offerings, I use Zoom. You can download it free from your app store to any electronic device. It's super easy once you get started. 

What if I don't feel I have any psychic or mediumship ability?

We are all intuitive beings with the ability to raise our spiritual awareness. The beginner courses are set up to help you get started. No experience is necessary. Even if you don't feel you are psychic, I feel strongly that once you take a course, you will realize how often you had experiences in the past. 

Will I get a certificate after I complete a course?


I offer certificates following the completion of each workshop or class so that you can build your development portfolio.

Please Note: All courses, whether free or paid are subject to my terms and conditions. By registering and attending, you agree to these terms. You must be 18 years of age and over to register for any class/ workshop.

All paid courses are non-refundable as of Jan 1, 2022, unless otherwise noted in the course.

Students are responsible for checking their time zone. No refunds for missed classes.  Logging in 10 minutes early and sitting in the waiting room is suggested to avoid problems and missing the workshop. In some cases, doors will lock to avoid interruption so please ensure times, links, codes to be on time and logged in.