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published Psychic Made Super Simple (1).

A simple, quick read to introduce psychic development 

August, 2020

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journal to write your experiences during development 

October 2020

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A simple, quick read to introduce Mediumship development 

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arriving May 31st

Dispelling Darkness

Paranormal Trilogy

Dispelling Darkness

A Psychic Medium's Mythical

Tale of Awakening

  An emotional time-traveling roller coaster that educates and entertains!


  • Dee Dawtson is consumed with fear after her life spirals out of control.


  • Echoes of her shadowy past begin to surface when her psychic abilities awaken during a spiritual transformation.


  • Journey with her as she uncovers the secrets of a dark ancient history and the demons hidden in her closet.


  • Explore the supernatural to discover we are all psychic with the power to rise from the ashes.


  • Realize that through faith, love is everlasting and will always conquer fear.


Dispelling Darkness

Book Two - Rocqueel's Revenge

A Paranormal Supernatural Romantic Fantasy

Compelling! Chilling!  Captivating!

When Dee Dawtson’s psychic and mediumistic abilities surfaced, she awakened a dark past and an ancient vendetta born in the Underworld when she was the wife of Hades. Now, Dee must face her greatest enemy, Rocqueel, while maintaining a normal home life with her three children.

Spiritually seductive and suspenseful, this sequel

is one you won’t be able to put down. It will keep you longing for more.

The electrifying sequel to A Psychic Medium's Mythical Tale of Awakening.

Coming Late 2021

What People Say After Reading Dispelling Darkness

Reviews Taken From Verified Amazon Purchases

Dave Bungard

"Excited About This Series"

I couldn't put this book down! I love the main character and couldn't wait to see what happens next. Following her awakening really makes you stop and think about your own personal experiences. Can not wait until the next book.

What an addictive read! I invisioned the characters and the scenes playing out as I read each word. The characters are adorable, but Derek!!! What a twist! I found myself eagerly racing through the chapters all while wanting to slow down, taking time to fully appreciate their value. Absolutely phenomenal! I cannot wait for a sequel!

Mom Of Eight

"On The Edge Of Your Seat"

I am far from a medium, psychic or spiritual person however I have had a few moments in my life that were undoubtedly spiritual occurrences. But I definitely have an interest in reading more about it. This book was amazing! It kept me interested from start to finish, it was an easy read and had both emotional parts as well as parts that literally had my heart racing. I would love to read more books from this author and highly recommend this book!