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"This young beautiful amazing woman gave me a wonderful message of healing and awareness I didn't even know I needed. So much emotion touched my heart. I had tears, goosebumps, and laughs not to mention clarity to some items. I am so grateful to have had this time with her to reflect on aspects of my life from the past and to know that I don't walk alone into the future. Thank You so much again and wishing you a Blessed 2019. I highly recommend a reading to heal and reflect and move forward"

S. Musgrove

"you're wonderful in every aspect"

M. Corales

"Aerin did a great job with my reading. She actually gave me names which didn’t happen in another reading I had with someone else. She talked about things that I did 45 years ago. I’ve never mentioned these things on Facebook. Her description of my deceased loved ones was unbelievable. I appreciated the reading more than words can say. Thank you again"

T. James

"What a fantastic reading, I could relate 2 every single thing I was told & it all made a lot of sense. Things have become a lot cleared now & any doubts i may have had has now gone. Although part of the reading confirmed some of my fears I felt some much-needed positivity about life & what my future may have in store. Absolutely fabulous what an amazing gift!!!:"

N. Kirk

"I want to thank you so much for your reading today. It was so real. Thank you and may God bless you always ."

N. Collazo


"Absolutely amazing. Gave me so much peace with my Grandma."

C. Oman

"Thank you for the spot on Mother's Day reading. Such an awesome gift you have. Much appreciated "

D.P. Hall

"I have just had a reading by Aerin and have to admit that at the outset I wasn't entirely sure that anything accurate would come through. However, she was able to pick up that there were a lot of changes going on with me. Very pleased with the reading."

V. Carolan

"You are such a wonderful, beautiful gifted woman. You have given me the gift of knowing my loved ones are okay that they are still here watching over us. It was amazing some of the things that you knew that no one would ever know about. I'm honored to have gotten a great reading from you. Thank you"

J. Peacher

"Aerin was able to connect with my namesake whom I never met. Amanda validated items, events, and gave me so much more. Lost history was revealed and remembered. The greatest gift was finding out my Aunt is around me. Her spirit is one I wasn’t able to feel as others seem more dominant. I will definitely work on that. Again, words can not describe what Aerin gave my soul. Thank you is not enough.
From my soul to yours., to be able to connect with my Tante Ruth has brought me peace. My soul felt it all."

R.S. Murray

"Aerin did a reading for me that was, as always, spot on. I don't always want to hear the messages coming thru but it's always what I need to hear. She connected with my brother who of course had advice for me with his joking manner. She has an amazing gift and such a sweet soul. Thank you Amanda!'

D. Armstrong

"Was so lucky to win a reading and it was amazing could relate to everything being said and gave me something to put into practice too well worth entering the competitions 5* from me and a big thank you too"

G. Armstrong

"I'd like to take a minute to thank Aerin Kube (Spirit Medium ) for the truly personal reading that she did for me with my silly grandfather. He was such a fun person and he came to visit her during her dinner hour (LOL) and showed her so many things that identified him clearly! He even showed her a crafty little object that he made by hand. For some reason, he doesn't show himself to me, but the visit was wonderful!"

A.H. Redmon

"My reading with Dr. Aerin was amazing. It really made my day as many family and friends came through to communicate with Dr. Aerin. Aerin makes you feel very comfortable when she delivers messages. Will have another reading with her soon. Thank you Dr. Aerin"

J. Pepera

"Highly recommended, Loving, compassionate, and honest genuine Soul."

S. Gocha

"I highly recommend Dr. Aerin Kube. She did such an amazing job! Her sweet spirit also made it such a great experience. Very satisfied."

S. Hightower

"She is very nice and was right on target with the problem I was trying to figure out."

L.M. Hindley