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"Thank you for an amazing class!! Love your energy and passion for teaching others. My experience has exceeded my expectations. "

--T. Udovich


"Aerin is an incredible teacher! You will learn so much from her! Anyone wanting to learn mediumship couldn’t have a better mentor. "


"I loved my mediumship class with Aerin. She’s so patient with all students, making learning fun and at ease. There’s no pressure on you, encouraging nudges to help you get to the next step. Very sweet & makes the classes fun to be in."

--R. Renee 


"Yes, when the student is ready - the teacher appears" with gratitude & "Knowing" you are right the teacher for me"

--D. Le Blanc

I have been researching for couple years. Jumping on other cycles and not only did I gravitate to Aerin the first live I happen to find Aerin. But when someone asks about a medium or course I suggest Aerin without a second thought knowing the person would not be let down as I believe her and in her. I want to add the fact that she is so natural and not pretentious and fun makes it easy to want to grow with her and the process and don’t feel judged but helped during the process

--S. Nolan

I have been on my spiritual journey for a long time. I have taken many classes and spent countless hours and a lot of money searching for the teacher who could make it so easy to connect to spirit. She has written three books that basically a how to for dummies to connect to spirit. Aerin  is warm, welcoming, patient and so helpful. Aerin is honest and really here to help people like me to learn.  She really cares. Stop scrolling, you found your tribe. The classes are a comfortable setting and the people I have met are my kind of peeps. The class setting was full of like minded people eager to help each other and it makes for a fantastic learning experience. I can finally connect to spirit on the other side and I owe it all to Aerin. I am so thankful I found her. 

~~Amy D


I tried a few other teachers before I began with Aerin. When I started with her, everything opened up. I received much more information from spirit and I am suprised how much I have progressed. I went from getting random bits of information to being able to hold a link for up to 30 minutes. She doesn’t focus on teaching you her way, but helping you figure out how you work because we are all different. I would highly recommend!
--M. Swango
Thank you so much. I learnt such a lot and your guidance and support and kindness made all the difference.
 --H. Tyrell
I was so fortunate to be able to take Aerin’s  12 week intermediate mentorship program. Honestly, the class was extremely challenging, fun, and hands on from day one. But what I was most impressed by was how I felt supported and safe in the environment and with the people in class with me. 
Aerin goes out of her way to make sure you are in a safe, encouraging space to learn and grow in your mediumship. She teaches you the skills you need to link with spirit and gives you all the tools and resources. Ultimately, you have to make sure you do the homework and practice. From day one to the last day I saw such growth in myself.  I am so excited I have already signed up for my next class with her.
--S. Norman
I’ve just had so much time to think about my journey from the beginning until now and you really did push me but in a way because you believed in me and because of you I’m not afraid to do platform reading or reading on lives, I have really found a joy in platform and hope to one day do it in person, but I really owe that to you from advanced mediumship course it really pushed me
Your an amazing mentor and so happy we crossed paths I’ve learned so much from you and continue to learn from you and your passion and drive and love for spirit. 
--E. Barretto

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, for all you have done for me the last few months.  I am so extremely grateful for your guidance during the mentorship, and even since I started classes with you back in 2021!!  I never dreamed I would be a practicing medium but here I am!!  This mentorship has been so good for me, it has really helped me build more confidence when I do my readings.  I just really wanted to say thank you.  You are always so helpful in all your classes, they are very informative and it shows that you really care about helping each and every student of yours succeed.  I pursued mediumship because I have always had a desire to help people, and being able to let people know that their loved ones are always with them is such an amazing feeling.  Thank you for doing what you do I know it takes a lot of time and dedication on your part.
--K. Thomas

I‘ve had the pleasures of beginning my psychic and mediumship development with Aerin back around the summer of 2020. At that time I was lost, confused and anxious in wanting to learn more about my psychic abilities and my spiritual path but did not know how to do so. I was also overwhelmed because there was a lot of information and teachers out there but it is important in one's development to find the teachers who are right for you. Aerin and Tina were those teachers who were right for me because they are knowledgeable, experienced, and genuine in wanting to help people like myself who are new on their journey.
--J. Garcia


There is definitely a reason that I’ve signed up for class after class for almost a year. Even the same classes over again. You provide such a safe space. You’re supportive and you challenge my development. And the students you attract are genuinely amazing people and I’ve grown to love you all. 

~~T. Anne


The most progress I’ve made has been with you. I’ve searched for a teacher like you for YEARS! 

~~K. Comatas

I am happy to have discovered your classes. I appreciate your openness, support and encouragement. You have a wonderful way of making a safe space for learning and developing skills. It can be a scary journey but you help alleviate some of the fear. 

~~P. Thompson

You are awesome.

~V. Wright

I also feel fortunate that my path has brought me to you, your positive energy and your amazing team. 

~~M. Meekes

Your help and support, Aerin has helped me tremendously both personally and spiritually. I could never thank you enough, for everything you do.

~~M. Lynn

You do deserve!! You give us the space to be vulnerable and grow without fear!! I look forward to future classes with Aerin Kube

~~K. Brumbaugh

I have taken two rounds of the beginner mediumship class and enjoyed them both! Aerin is so positive and supportive. I was able to link with Spirit and also did a remote viewing exercise that I was terrified of but ended up doing fine. I highly recommend Aerin! I am planning to sign up for the beginner level two class in September.
--L. Nicholson

Aerin makes development fun. They make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and encourage us every step of the way. I am truly just beginning on this journey and I am so thankful I found them. They both help the students get out of their own way. I love being surrounded by the great energy and all of their classes and always look forward to the next one.
--T, Flowers

Not only does Aerin Kube make it fun, she makes it safe. The whole idea is to learn, to practice, to grow, and become confident. Aerin is a very skilled teacher, medium and author. Part of her journey is to reach out. Because of her, I am where I am today. You never forget your first teacher. While you’re first starting out, reach out into many different directions and people. She will tell you that as well.
--C. Mattingly

I had attended a couple of classes plus and thought it was great! I just wish I wasn’t so distracted from my children when I attended the class.  I felt like a part of the team! Family! I would recommend...!
--B. Butcher

I have attended circle and really enjoyed it. Aerin keeps it fun and are so encouraging
--C. Doss

I have attended several classes with Aerin.  I truly enjoyed both my psychic and medium ship classes. 
--P. Smith

Fun fun fun - positive uplifting and educational all in one!
--H. Balliet

Thank you Aerin, I'm so grateful to you for offering these fantastic courses at affordable prices (especially in these current difficult times) and online. Living outside the US, I would have never been able to enroll in any courses (non-disrespect to people who prefer live events). You are also a great teacher and the whole energy of the class is very positive; I'm humbled to study with such a group of kind and supportive students. 

--S. Sandrine

"This young beautiful amazing woman gave me a wonderful message of healing and awareness I didn't even know I needed. So much emotion touched my heart. I had tears, goosebumps, and laughs not to mention clarity to some items. I am so grateful to have had this time with her to reflect on aspects of my life from the past and to know that I don't walk alone into the future. Thank You so much again and wishing you a Blessed 2019. I highly recommend a reading to heal and reflect and move forward"

--S. Musgrove

"You're wonderful in every aspect"

--M. Corales

"Aerin did a great job with my reading. She actually gave me names which didn’t happen in another reading I had with someone else. She talked about things that I did 45 years ago. I’ve never mentioned these things on Facebook. Her description of my deceased loved ones was unbelievable. I appreciated the reading more than words can say. Thank you again"

--T. James

"What a fantastic reading, I could relate 2 every single thing I was told & it all made a lot of sense. Things have become a lot cleared now & any doubts i may have had has now gone. Although part of the reading confirmed some of my fears I felt some much-needed positivity about life & what my future may have in store. Absolutely fabulous what an amazing gift!!!:"

--N. Kirk

"I want to thank you so much for your reading today. It was so real. Thank you and may God bless you always ."

--N. Collazo


"Absolutely amazing. Gave me so much peace with my Grandma."

--C. Oman

"Thank you for the spot on Mother's Day reading. Such an awesome gift you have. Much appreciated "

--D.P. Hall

"I have just had a reading by Aerin and have to admit that at the outset I wasn't entirely sure that anything accurate would come through. However, she was able to pick up that there were a lot of changes going on with me. Very pleased with the reading."

--V. Carolan

"You are such a wonderful, beautiful gifted woman. You have given me the gift of knowing my loved ones are okay that they are still here watching over us. It was amazing some of the things that you knew that no one would ever know about. I'm honored to have gotten a great reading from you. Thank you"

--J. Peacher

"Aerin was able to connect with my namesake whom I never met. Amanda validated items, events, and gave me so much more. Lost history was revealed and remembered. The greatest gift was finding out my Aunt is around me. Her spirit is one I wasn’t able to feel as others seem more dominant. I will definitely work on that. Again, words can not describe what Aerin gave my soul. Thank you is not enough.
From my soul to yours., to be able to connect with my Tante Ruth has brought me peace. My soul felt it all."

--R.S. Murray

"Aerin did a reading for me that was, as always, spot on. I don't always want to hear the messages coming thru but it's always what I need to hear. She connected with my brother who of course had advice for me with his joking manner. She has an amazing gift and such a sweet soul. Thank you Amanda!'

--D. Armstrong

"Was so lucky to win a reading and it was amazing could relate to everything being said and gave me something to put into practice too well worth entering the competitions 5* from me and a big thank you too"

--G. Armstrong

"I'd like to take a minute to thank Aerin Kube (Spirit Medium ) for the truly personal reading that she did for me with my silly grandfather. He was such a fun person and he came to visit her during her dinner hour (LOL) and showed her so many things that identified him clearly! He even showed her a crafty little object that he made by hand. For some reason, he doesn't show himself to me, but the visit was wonderful!"

--A.H. Redmon

"My reading with Dr. Aerin was amazing. It really made my day as many family and friends came through to communicate with Dr. Aerin. Aerin makes you feel very comfortable when she delivers messages. Will have another reading with her soon. Thank you Dr. Aerin"

--J. Pepera

"Highly recommended, Loving, compassionate, and honest genuine Soul."

--S. Gocha

"I highly recommend Dr. Aerin Kube. She did such an amazing job! Her sweet spirit also made it such a great experience. Very satisfied."

--S. Hightower

"She is very nice and was right on target with the problem I was trying to figure out."

--L.M. Hindley

"I had a free mini reading and it was on point. I def recommend anyone to get a reading."

--A. Dunsin

"Dr. Aerin Kube is amazing! Anyone who seems to be in a spiritual funk should check her out and listen to her advice and insight. I have never been more motivated to dedicate all my energy to my spiritual journey."

--K.A. Doherty

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Aerin Kube spiritual medium had a reading from her she was spot on would advise using her if u would like a reading she is amazing"

--P. Bruce

"Dr. Aerin Kube makes you feel a special connection with her right from the beginning I had asked about the love Of my life & was amazed at what she was feeling that made me feel close to JD Gave me such a strong sense of peace calm & comfort!!! I look forward to doing a Full Reading With Her As I Am Sure Will Learn More 💞 Also just loved the heartwarming feeling during the time with her I recommend you reach out to her to be enlightened with the special gift she has been given which in turn helps us "

--M. S. Krumm

"Dr. Aerin in is awesome. She is very accurate in her information. The angels that came to her during her reads about me are all very real and important to me in my life. She is very honest, regarding what they say to her, or produce to her. I definitely recommend that if you're looking for a medium to do a read for you, that you contact Dr. Aerin Kube."

--J. Bibb

"Aerin is an amazing woman, so loving and caring and she has a gift. She is in tune with you and her words are guides to healing."

--Y. R. Rosado

"At a time of great loss, when I thought I had lost my way, Dr. Kube showed me that I wasn't walking alone; my loved ones are very near to me, and they are interacting with me. Dr. Kube was spot-on in many ways, she's very intuitive. Many signs and memories came through from family members that made me laugh and cry, some just outright gave me goosebumps. All were very real, very relatable, and so comforting and reassuring to me. She included something I always wanted to hear from someone in real life but never did. I felt vindicated. 
Dr. Kube is very talented and gifted. She is the real deal."

--D. Otremba

"Arein is very honest and considerate. Very accurate in reading."

--S. Henthorn

"Just amazing and so enlightening. I was in awe of it all. Dr. Kube is a one of a kind!!"

--J. Ferguson

"She is incredibly gifted. I love her genuineness and down to earth personality. She gave me the guidance that I needed. She is such a wonderful person to know. She is truly amazing!"

--C. Fernandez

"Today I received spiritual guidance and it gave me a lot to think about. She took the time to explain things and made sure I understood everything that the spirits were sending. I would highly recommend Aerin for guidance and also if you are looking for a spiritual medium. Thanks so much!"

--G. Laho

"I trust Aerin Kube. Aerin Kube is kind, genuine, wise, and compassionate. She shared loving and healing messages from my grandfather. My grandfather had a sense of humor and the messages she shared reflected the depth of his personality. My grandfather and I were extremely close and I felt his warmth through Her. Aerin Kube has a gift for connecting with spirit in a comforting way.

I’m so grateful that she is sharing her gift with others because we need kind and compassionate professionals such as Aerin Kube who remind us to walk in love."

--A. Malone

"She connects in a way that makes you feel like you had a visit with your loved one. Its beautiful what she can bring through to remind you how special your loved one is and was. She connected with my grandparents. It was wonderful to know they were together once again. Also gave me a heart warming giggle as my grandfather let her know he was quite the catch.:

--T.M. Farino

"We met not by chance but on a divine quest for knowledge. You have been blessed with amazing gifts that have given hope to so many who ache to hear from their loved ones who have passed on. You are a leader among women and take the time to teach and lift others up. You help others on their path how so desperately need guidance. I’m blessed that our paths crossed and blessed to have heard from those whom I love dearly. You are right on in your messages. I look forward to our need meeting."

--D. Bellefeuille

"I received a reading from Aerin Kube, and everything that was said was spot on. She picked up on my great grandparents who passed when I was young. On mother’s day weekend, it was heart warming to hear from these loved ones who I’ve lost and to receive the messages I did. Thank you. Aerin Kube."

--V. Fillmore

"I just had a reading done. Not intended, I think it sorta just happened. A person came through that brought with them the one person I asked about but others as well. This wonderful women didn't have to give me a reading but did. She picked up on things that only a person who knew my mom would've known. Right down to the way my mom laughed and things she said. What a wonderful thing she " Aerin" did for me. Thank you so so sooooooo much. I'm still in tears. Happy ones."

--A. Ayala

"A. Erin Kube is an amazing lady, I found her at a time when I needed guidance and healing. Her accuracy and caring nature is abundant. She picked up on information about me and my family that nobody except myself would know. Amanda is kind, confident, and professional with her work and I will be a client/friend for life!"

--L. Daugherty

"It is with a great amount of love and respect for Mrs. Aerin Kube that I write this review. A few months have passed since I had the blessing to speak to her in regards to my beautiful daughter who was taken from this earth to join the angels at the tender age of nineteen years old. During our conversation she told me things about my daughter (and even my mother who has also passed) that only a truly gifted individual could know. She ignited a hope in the fragments of my broken soul, that my beautiful daughter still comes to see me, that she is trying to speak to me, and more importantly, I will see her again. There is no amount of gratitude great enough, no words profound enough to express my sincere, heart felt appreciation for Mrs. A. Erin Kube. Anyone who is struggling with grief should absolutely speak to her. Though my days are still long and terribly sad without my daughter physically here, I find much comfort in knowing she hears the many times I tell her I love and miss her. Thank you for sharing your blessed gift with me and my sweet girl. I'm forever indebted to your kindness!"

--D. Pearson

"Today I had received a reading from Aerin that had cleared up a lot of questions that had been troubling me. She was so warm and caring with all the information that came through. She was so clear and had so much knowledge about any questions I had and guided me in the correct direction. I am extremely cautious with who I confide in with these matters and feel I am in great hands with Amanda. I am so happy our paths have crossed and am very excited to work with Amanda in the near future ! "

--P. Kelley

"The reading I received today was so inspirational. Aerin Kube is very respectful and puts you at ease. She puts things simple. She amazes me at the detail she can give. I know from her that my husband is in a great place. I know from her is watching me and the kids. It stops me in my tracks when she mentions things only him and I know. She can sense your feelings and gives you a moment to regroup yourself. I let her tell me what my husband has to say. I feel that is the message I need to hear. I appreciate her and her beautiful guilt. I can not wait for the next message. Thank you for taking time out of your night to help me. When you hear from him again. Tell him I love him."

--M.S. Robinson

"Aerin was incredible!! She was so spot on with her reading. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to reach someone who has crossed over. She knew nothing about my history or my past and was SPOT on! Thank you so much!"

--J. S. Graber

"Thank you for giving me the closure that I so badly needed...words cannot express how very grateful I am."

--S. Lozon


"Aerin Kube did a reading for me and she was able to connect me with several family members. There are things she knew that no one would have known, especially in the great detail that she expressed. One very important part of the reading was that it was helpful in alleviating some of the negative emotions I had due to a traumatic childhood event and brought some closure, which I never would have had otherwise. Anyway, I would recommend her to anyone! She's not only caring and insightful, but has a great sense of humor, too!"

--T. Green

"I had an amazing reading done and she was spot on bringing up messages from my loved ones that she would have absolutely had no idea about just amazing . Also and for me the most amazing thing was my beloved dog cocoa came through and is just as sassy in the afterlife as she was here. I highly recommend you give her a try you will be amazed"

--A. Burgett

"I had a chat and all I can from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I was feeling overwhelmed, lost, so unsure of myself and she helped me balance myself and remember who I am. Thank you and many blessings in your journey."

--N. Chevere

"I just had a reading with this beautiful lady. She has a heart of gold. The entire reading resonated perfectly with everything I'm going thru. It offered validation, clarity, and a sense of calm to my soul. I can't express my gratitude enough for this. Thank you so much for this!!!"

--D. Austin

"I had a chat with Aerin Kube last week and she really helped me in the journey of discovering my calling. She encouraged me to find peace in meditation and to open my mind to the signs that are given along the journey of life to reach full potential. I will definitely reach out to her in the future for readings. She channels her gift into such a purposeful role in society as well."

--K. Hahn

"I had an amazing experience the messages I received were spot on. I can't wait to have it done again."

--L. Jeffers

"Aerin Kube did a reading for me two weeks ago, and boy, was it emotional! So much was covered that I am still processing pieces of it almost daily!

First, I was hoping to hear from two loved ones that have crossed over. Instead, another person came forward that I hadn't expected, or even wanted to hear from, my grandfather. Our relationship didn't end on the most favorable of terms. He mentioned that to Aerin and went on to say how proud he and my mother were of me! My mother was one of the two I wanted to hear from; so, although I didn't hear directly from her, I still got her message. And, my ill will towards by grandpa may have just evaporated.

Aerin also brought up a favorite childhood pet of mine, my cat, Missy. In order to be able to describe her properly, Missy showed a likeness of herself via a movie clip. When I later looked up that clip, sure enough, the cat looked just like my Missy. All these years later, I had forgotten about that beautiful creature, but apparently she never forgot about me!

There were several other topics covered during our session as we went WELL over the typical one-hour allotted time for a psychic reading. It took us awhile to interpret what some of the images meant, but eventually, every single thing she brought up had significant meaning to me at some point in my life!  Although I paid Aerin for this service, it was pittance compared to the spiritual healing and enlightenment she provided for me. Aerin says she is still honing her craft, but I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a good Medium. I have never received a comparable amount of time or energy investment from any other psychic/medium before Aerin. Get your reading now before she books up and can no longer provide that same service for others. I feel very fortunate to be among Aerin's early clients."

--L. Lopez

"I cannot emphasize just how much I appreciate all the guidance, advice, and overall demeanor of Aerin. Not only does she have an impeccable talent for intuitive, spiritual guidance, she puts in 100% effort into getting you the answers you seek, making you feel at ease, and honestly giving you advice. Her spirit and warm heart shines, and she is worth way more than she charges, lol! ;) Aerin was able to help me move forward in my life professionally, and personally, by telling me exactly what I needed to so desperately hear. This is our first session, but definitely not the last! "

--K. Tirkel

"Thank you Aerin for sharing your gift to communicate with the after life. You do this with much love and compassion. I am very thankful for that and I believe the other side is also!! :) Light and Love to you!"

--J. G. Hodge

"I feel more at ease about situations I'm going thru after I speak to Aerin. She helps me see the bigger picture and plan that God has for me."

--K. Gilkey

"My reading was last Monday. Aerin is very enthusiastic and comforting. When I first got there I didn't know what to expect because I'm new to the whole idea of communicating with "the other side". She has the unique gift of seeing and hearing those from the other side. Several topics she brought up in our meeting convinced me that she's the real deal. For example she said the word drawing...what does that mean to you? My Aunt Val (who learned she was an Artist at 70 years of age) was yelling out in a room filled with at least 7 people from the other side trying to communicate with me. She even had to tell them to be quite because she couldn't hear. Aerin felt a sensation on her cheeks as if my Aunt Val was holding them saying nice job. In the beginning of the meeting Aerin visioned someone like "Jenny" in the Forest Gump movie; that didn't mean much. Later in the meeting she said Rolling Stones...what does that mean to you? I told her I saw them with Gayle...she was (is) a free spirit "hippie". That's how I knew Gayle was in the room. She even compiled music from my Dad and Brother who were communicating through song lyrics. I feel my loved ones more now than ever since our meeting! She also sent via email topics that will benefit me from the meeting. I highly recommend Aerin Kube because she's the real deal in such a sceptic industry...I think that's the right word."

--D. Shepherd


“I received spiritual guidance from her today. I was very impressed by her abilities. She picked up on something that I have struggled with for a while, and then she gave me advice about what I should work with so that my live will move forward. I will recommend her, especially with spiritual guidance. She senses what you need so that you can continue to grow. “

--R.  Hjelmseth 

“I had a reading last Friday by Aerin, and it was spot on. There were things that she brought up, that people do not know about, as I have been keeping silent. It was an amazing reading, a lot of concerns that I have been internalizing were brought up. The flow of conversation was comfortable and effortless. She even brought up in conversation, a picture of my Mom, and how my sister describes my Mom in that picture. I have always known my Mom is with me, but, she brought up a specific time that I thought it was her. Thank you! It has really helped in comforting me, especially what I have been going through the last three months.”

--D. Juntonnen


“I have had several readings from Aerin. Each time I was more impressed. I find her to be extremely accurate and enlightening. Through her guidance I have found clarity in several areas of my life bringing me much peace and happiness. I can only say Thank You Aerin for your guidance.”

--P. D’Agustino 


“Tried a free reading for fun. Surprisingly Amanda was able to pick things up about my life that she would not have been able to know. Thanks again!”

--B. Rigby 


“I had the most amazing read today from Aerin Kube. She’s the real deal. Had a family reunion with all that has passed. Was so Amazing. She was so sweet and understanding. I’m so Thankful and Grateful. Thank you again Aerin Kube.”

--C. Williams  

“Ms. Erin Kube is a very kind heart and generous soul. It touched my …heart when she helped me out with my worries when i looked for someone to give me insights. She answered my queries and gave me helpful advice. Thanks so much for this ma’am. :'( God bless you more.”

--B. Myla 

“Once again, Aerin is right on the money!! Today she touched on so …many things with my situation and was spot on!!! This lady is absolutely amazing!!! Love her and what she offers! Everyone needs to give her a try…you will not regret it!! Thanks, Aerin for you guidance, wisdom, hope and encouragement…you are truly an angel and a blessing!”

--W. Thompson 


“I had a great reading today. I couldn’t be anymore thankful. A lot of happiness and healing happened. Aerin Kube has an amazing gift and I am so thankful she was able to share it with me”

--A. Thomas  


“A. Erin is amazing!! So accurate in her reading! Love her!”

--W. Thompson  


“Aerin is down to earth…She is dead on in her readings…She is a wonderful guide and inspirational. She is genuine, honest, and very helpful. I would definitely come to her again for her guidance.”

--A. Meissner  


“This girl is amazing! Can believe how dead on she was about so many things she could have not know about! If you want a great reading this is your girl!

--J. Richart  


“I had a reading with Aerin on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it. I had 3 people step forward and she validated that they are still here with me. I highly recommend a reading with Aerin if your looking for some peace knowing your loved ones are still with you! Thank you Aerin God Bless!”

--J. Lopez 


“Aerin has done several readings for me and with each experience I find that she is honest, accurate, sensitive and overall enlightening. During our most recent conversation she was able to describe in detail a picture that was taken just after the birth of my son that had his father (who passed away in 2007) and I in it. I had just come across this picture a few weeks ago while organizing my photo library. So this experience was heartfelt and all around amazing. Just what I needed.”

--M. Abfalter 


“I had a reading today and it was amazing. Any doubts that I may have had were completely gone within the first 10 minutes of talking. I feel very confident of Aerin’s ability to communicate with the spiritual world. It was emotional to me, but I felt so good after. The session left me wanting to hear more. And I don’t mean that it wasn’t enough, it was just that good that I wanted more. Thank you so much Erin, you made my day.”

--K. Arnold 


“Aerin is amazing! She’d known so many things!! She knew about my uncle and his band and playing venues and general location, an association to my step mom and he behaviors, internal things most don’t know. She was kind, compassionate, and empathetic! Thank you so much, sweet lady, for all of your help and kindness.”

--H. Beach  


“Wow my reading was just amazing, Erin is so gifted and talented. She was so accurate and it was wonderful that my grandmother came through.”

--S. Munn 

“All I can say is WOW! I am truly beyond impressed!  There were many references that she made that truly made me feel like my father in law was standing right beside her and giving her this information. It made my heart soooo happy and made me feel like he was exactly where he was meant to be and that he is doing just fine. It was more than I could’ve asked for! Thank you sooooo much Aerin for the love and for the confirmation that I have needed for the last 7 years! I highly, highly recommend her!!!!”

--T. Linfield 

“Thank you so much for helping me navigate and find clarity with the tough decision I was facing. I spent most of our conversation with my jaw hanging opening, covered in goosebumps. Your visions were so spot on that it left no room for doubt on which path I needed to choose. I appreciate your guidance more than I can express. You are truly gifted!”

--C. O’Malley

Reviews for Aerin Kube

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