Spiritual Author & Teacher

Psychic Medium & Remote Viewer

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Private or Group

Designed to give you a great start to your psychic development. 

What's included over 8 weeks: 

  • 4 Private Group Meditation Meet-Ups

  • 8 Practice Sessions

  • 4 Private Small Group Mentoring w/ Q&A



PLUS A Free On-Demand Video Course

 "Introduction To Psychic Development 101"


You will receive access to a group webpage where you will be able to watch and listen to several videos taken from previous live classes that Aerin and her assistant Tina did this past year from the comfort of your home at a time best for you.

Here are a few examples of what is included in this simple and easy class:

  • The difference between psychic and intuition

  • How and why meditation is important

  • Spirit guides and connections

  • Exercises to strengthen intuition

  • Releasing and understanding fear

  • Difference between imagination and intuition

  • Understand the clairs and realize your strongest


Learn energy, auras, clearing, grounding, protection, blockages, ethics, healing, clairs, forms of divination, chakras, colors, creating a sacred reading space, psychometry, and more will be covered. 

July 11th - Aug 31st

Total = $200
Early Register Discount 50% 
Before June 15th

Total Due: $99

  Summer Mentorship Cost

4 Private Meditations
@ Included

8 Practice Sessions                                 
@ $15 each =$120
4 Private group Mentoring                
@ $20 each =$80             
On-Demand Video Classes                   
@ $45 = Fee Waived = $0
Certificate of completion   
@ Included                                  

Calendar of Events Below


Copy of Peach and Violet Multicolored Ea

Saturdays w/ 4 Sunday Meditations

Copy of Peach and Violet Multicolored Ea
Copy of Peach and Violet Multicolored Ea

Calendar of Events Below