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Rev. Aerin Kube, PhD

Welcome Friends!

Aerin is a Spiritual Author and Teacher. She earned a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Theology from the Univ. of Metaphysical Sciences, accredited by the American Alternative Medical Assoc. As an Ordained Minister, she has trained under many renowned spiritual leaders and is a professional and certified psychic medium and remote viewer. ​Although she no longer provides reading services, she understands the process to help new lightworkers get started on their path.


Before the unfoldment of her spiritual journey, she worked in corporate America. Having attended secular colleges and universities she received degrees in business and human science.


Her knowledge and strengths come from her experience in teaching, writing, counseling, real estate, marketing, theater, and public speaking, as well as her past as a successful entrepreneur of a renowned multi-location operation for expectant families around Michigan.​


Aerin holds certifications in Reiki, IET, life coaching, and mediumship. Her passion is psychical studies, parapsychology, philosophy, and helping others see the light within them.

Spiritual Services

  • Advising for those new to spiritual development, awakening, & business

  • Spiritual intuitive healing and guidance for new lightworkers

Spiritual Books 

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published Psychic Made Super Simple (1).
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"I cannot emphasize just how much I appreciate all the guidance, advice, and overall demeanor of Aerin. Not only does she have an impeccable talent for intuitive, spiritual guidance, she puts in 100% effort into getting you the answers you seek, making you feel at ease, and honestly giving you advice. Her spirit and warm heart shine, and she is worth way more than she charges, lol! ;) Aerin was able to help me move forward in my life professionally, and personally, by telling me exactly what I needed to so desperately hear. This is our first session, but definitely not the last! "


K. Tirkel

"I had a chat with Aerin Kube last week and she really helped me in the journey of discovering my calling. She encouraged me to find peace in meditation and to open my mind to the signs that are given along the journey of life to reach full potential. I will definitely reach out to her in the future for readings. She channels her gift into such a purposeful role in society as well."

K. Hahn 

" You have been blessed with amazing gifts that have given hope to so many who ache to hear from their loved ones who have passed on. You are a leader among women and take the time to teach and lift others up. You help others on their path how so desperately need guidance. I’m blessed that our paths crossed and blessed to have heard from those whom I love dearly. You are right on in your messages. I look forward to our need meeting."

D. Bellefeuille